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One Piece 909 - Read One Piece 909 Manga Page 1. A New Chapter of One Piece is ready to go! This chapter just dropped a massive bomb. The Empty Throne is occupied, and Im is thus the ruler of the world. The pictures he has of Luffy, Shirahoshi, Blackbeard and Vivi definitely mean something. Its likely he knows of Vivi's allegiance with the Straw Hats, and Shirahoshi's existence as Poseidon. As for Blackbeard, its most likely he's the pirate Shanks talked about. Luffy, on the other hand, must be there due to his recent adventure in Tottoland. Wouldn't surprise me if the other wanted poster was Sanji's. For a long time the honor of the big bad of the series seemed to go to either Sakazuki, Blackbeard, the Five Elders, or shared between them. But the revelation of Im clearly shows there are far greater things going on. So, yes, I do think that Im is the likeliest candidate for main antagonist as of this point. Though I do wonder, does Im have the necesarry physical power to back it up? Considering almost nobody knows Im even exists, could he be even stronger than Kaido? Now that I think about it, does anyone think we’ll see more “Founding Surnames/Kingdoms” other than the Nefertari of Alabasta and the Donquixote of Dressrosa? I’m kind of interested in what the other families are and to which Kingdom they belong to. I know we probably won’t see all of them, but it could be something SBS-related.

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Why you should be excited about the newest manga chapter of one piece 909? I reckon its the other way around. Kuma was a gentle king like king riku, but the world government found out he was actually a secret revolutionary trying to end the world government corruption. So they made an example of kuma, by faking news and causing the world to know kuma as a tyrant. Kumas choice was to be a government dog or the destruction of his beloved kingdom with buster call and the death of his family. They made kuma into the pacifista loyal to the world government, as an example to scare any other rebellious world government kings from not joining the revolutionary army. I say the ra is the one that set up kuma as brutal killer so that he could infiltrate the world government as a shichibukai. The marine says kuma is the most loyal of the shichibukai by attending meetings and carrying out orders. It make sense cause he's a spy but not if the world government tries to dethrone him or something. The action is expected to pick up a notch in the coming One Piece 909 漫画.
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The celestial dragons now have pacifistas as their slaves, was so sad to find out it was the real kuma. I believe it's only because of his prior deal that he's in this state. He can still melt their faces and run away, but he doesn't want to stain his honor. Either that, or the government had vegapunk reset his brain or something. When he saved straw hats in sabaody by sending them to different locations that was his last bit of humanity. He made a deal with vegapunk and vegapunk programmed him to stay and protect sunny for 2 years. In my opinion vegapunk might have his actual personality stored and if we get a vegapunk arc at some point, he might change kuma back or use that as a bargaining chip. The world government found out about his revolutionary allegiances and to prove that even a king can't stand against them, made an example out of him. They possibly threatened him with a buster call if he didn't become a warlord in their employ and subject himself to vegapunk's experiments. Kuma may have been more privateer warlord than pirate. Good thing bonnies aging fruit can revert him to a "Younger age" in his life before vegapunk wiped his mind and just like that we have revolutionary kuma back! Bonnie hacks fruit