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One Piece 914 - Read One Piece 914 Manga Page 1. A New Chapter of One Piece is ready to go! So, we start off with an alright fight between three supernovas and right off the bat, luffy has his dumbass moments. First, luffy lying about kaido badly when zoro told him he shouldn't have answered hawkins' question about who runs wano and second, luffy not knowing how to use a sword despite zoro wanting to use it since it's a high ranking sword. It's funny that zoro can be foolish when he chooses to pay attention to a sword instead of the enemies. Even with this cursed sword, luffy, and possibly the other straw hats, have a 19% chance to leave wano after a month. Please don't let wano be a month-long arc, oda. Yay, a longtime devil fruit name reveal! With the straw straw fruit, hawkins can play plot armor for a bit by using up to 10 voodoo dolls in order for 10 poor henchmen to take a devastating blow in order to save his life. Hawkins can also create a straw sword as well as a giant scarecrow. I found hawkins use of the tarot cards interesting and I hope they come into play later. Pity that the fight ended because that big dog helped luffy and zoro escape. Finally, we get more wano citizens. We meet the woman that zoro rescued, tsuru (not to be confused with the old lady in the marines). Fortunately for tama, tsuru runs a tea shop with herbs that can cure her illness. Elsewhere, a poster lady name kiku is being courted by a sumo wrestler named urashima. Oh boy, another marry me plotline? Finally, we see our boys from the heart pirates sans law. Welcome back bepo, you were gone for almost 100 chapters. Which straw hats alliance members will show up and reunite next?

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Why you should be excited about the newest manga chapter of one piece 914? The comment by hawkins was interesting, about trying to get more power from his tarot cards. It sounds like if a card is drawn and the "Prophecy" is fulfilled he can draw more to hopefully get a card that will be added greatly to his advantage. A downfall of the power he has is that his subordinates do not seem very powerful. If luffy and zoro would have just taken out the 10 subordinates first then hawkins would have no one to be the puppets. I wonder what he needs to do to make new ones, if it is simple enough he could make them on the fly if there was a larger melee. The action is expected to pick up a notch in the coming One Piece 914 漫画.
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Hawkins powers are way more dope than I thought they’d be. I’m interested to see what kind of stuff he can pull with the tarot cards he made them out to be pretty powerful. Also is anyone else thrown off by the fact that there are now two characters named Tsuru? O-tsuru's design looks incredible for oda. It's different to see him draw a female without the same style he normally does, or one that isn't a goofy design. At first I was expecting the real taurus, pleasantly surprised! If we assume that basil will eventually join the strawhats against kaido, then that card that “gives the individual the ability to surpass their limits” will probably become a major plot device to help luffy fight kaido. I don't have the feeling that hawkins is loyal to kaidou til the end. He is way too attached to his cards. If they will tell him to switch sides he will probably do so. Besides, as a sub of kaidou he should know about kaidous desire to kill luffy or at least got an order to tell him immediately when luffy arrived. But hawkins first reaction was "If you are on vacation you should leave". Doesn't feel like kill intend. Doesn't feel like he intends to assist kaido that much at all, actually. He didn't report the first attack, he's letting kaido's subordinates take hits for him, and apparently didn't bother to actually give chase to luffy and zoro after they sliced his straw-monster. It feels like he's doing the absolute bare minimum amount of work he could be doing as a headliner. Could absolutely seeing him flipping back to luffy/kidd or even just sailing away from wano altogether.