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One Piece 921 - Read One Piece 921 Manga Page 1. A New Chapter of One Piece is ready to go! Kaido is confirmed a dragon as suspected all along. But I still wish he is a dragon which ate an oni/ogre fruit. That explains why everyone calls him a creature/thing and not as a human. I mean marco also ate a phoenix fruit but nobody calls him a creature. So kaido is not a human at all. Well of course we will get more backstory behind that but every yonko is different, they can do whatever they want in their territories and so will the people who follow the all powerful in those territories and live in them. We will likely get some backstory behind it. Also orochi and officials seem to organize these festivals to celebrate the "Great king kaido". Some legit hype for the wano samurais here with shuten maru pushing jack to high difficulty. With a name like that, no way was oda gonna use it as just a disguise for law. One can understand why akainu hesitated to send in kizaru. If wano has 5-10 shuten maru level warriors around then the nation is strong. Cannot wait to see orochi and his crew there'll be a powerhouse or two there I expect.

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You are reading One Piece Spoilers & RAW manga chapter 921 in English. Read Chapter 921 of One Piece Spoilers & RAW manga online on OnePieceChapters for free. Scan One Piece 921. Lecture en ligne scan 921 One Piece. Manga One Piece 921. Chapitre One Piece 921. In his introduction, it was stated that Kaido is the strongest creature in Land, Sea and Air. Now that we know he is a Dragon, I think his dragon model is the east Asian type, like Momo and Shenron from Dragonball. Not the western-medieval dragon design. I say this because the east Asian type dragon can both swim in the sea and fly in the sky. While Kaido probably fights in his hybrid and human form on land and on the ground. Some of these dragons can also use different elemental attacks and not just fire, like water, wind and lightning for example. Again, hinting his legend of being the strongest on land, sea and air. And we haven't even considered the fact if his devil fruit can grant him wishes like Shenron from Dragonball. Pretty damn overpowered devil fruit if you ask me. It's way stronger than Marco's, arguably the strongest devil fruit in the zoan class ever, and potentially one of the strongest devil fruits in the series of all time. I think whitebeard's Quake fruit, Akainu's Magma fruit, and Teach's Dark fruit would realistically be the only ones that can match it. Our rubber boy captain is gonna need all the luck and help he can get. Kaido is an absolute beast! Pun intended. Can't wait for Luffy's buttcheeks to get smacked bright red in Round 1 vs Kaido!
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Kaido is not only the King of Onigashima but also a Dragon, which is to be expected honestly. We know what the Fire Festival consists of and we can only imagine what will transpire with the Alliance to ruin it. We know what everyone will be up to the next 2 weeks, hopefully everyone gets some focus on their respective tasks. Shutenmaru is finally revealed and Jack has arrived in Okobore already! I thought till now that Orochi is Dragon fruit eater and Zoro will defeat him just like Ryuuma but Kaido being Dragon? I think Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Law need to fight together to take down Kaido. And as always only Luffy will be given credit if they defeat him.

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Why you should be excited about the newest manga chapter of one piece 921? I think with the positioning of the silhouettes its likely that all the speculations of Jack not being the strongest Calamity are true. I didn't think he was that level of power, just thought he might have been on that team. Hmm weird how they look so similar, has to be his father or something. Pica is an eating disorder, his father/whatever could represent Famine, one of the horsemen of the apocalypse, as Jack the DROUGHT fits in with that. The action is expected to pick up a notch in the coming One Piece 921 漫画.
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Zoro and Sanji will not meet again until Zoro accomplishes a big feat so his bounty rises again. They meet, Sanji teases Zoro and in that same moment a News Coo arrives with a new bounty for Zoro, just for Sanji to fall in despair again. Just preempting the inevitable mocking he'd receive from Sanji now having a higher bounty than he by simply not byring around him. In fact, I could imagine both of them knowing this is the case and essentially playing hide and seek the entire arc if Oda decided to go in this direction.